Akira Allen


Meet Akira Allen, a humble seeker of Truth wherever that may be. Akira Allen is someone with many epithets: seeker, Shaman, healer, illuminator, steward, seer, Oracle, homo exercen, alchemist, multidimensional being and more. He had an awakening experience that shook him to the core. Dropping out of college in his third year in 2011 believing it to be in his way due to the limitations of the system. No longer having an overarching narrative to follow he began to question who he was, what he truly wanted, why he wanted it and how to best conduct himself in order to attain those things. Leading him on a search to find the answers to this question to these questions. Diving into topics such as science, quantum physics, magic, the Occult, spirituality, religion, philosophy, cosmology and more. Through this he began to tear down the foundation of the old programs that he had running on autopilot, building a new foundation, one more reflective of his authentic being allowing him to express his inner light in a healthy manner. This process led to him becoming the being he currently is.

The roles he currently embodies on his journey are that of the psycho-spiritual intuitive, spiritual catalyst, sacred artist, agent of change, jester, psychic, oracle, seer, steward, guide, illuminator and healing shaman. Utilizing these energies and connection with Source Energy.

RIVRE of SOMA came about as Akira began to dig deeper into who and what he was. He began to notice that there was something within him trying to express itself that was part of him but also separate from him. Something much bigger than he himself was. This other aspect would express itself through him intuitively channeling it. At first totally unconscious and then becoming able to do it consciously as he became attuned to the newfound abilities. RIVRE is a social memory complex of a higher dimension akin to a soul group that Akira is a part of expressing itself through SOMA. To use an analogy RIVRE is a lake SOMA being a vessel that contains a portion of RIVRE the particular form of the vessel being Akira. This gives Akira the ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of RIVRE becoming the conduit for said knowledge and experience sowing the seeds of higher consciousness and expansion. While becoming a beacon of light that anchors in Truth bringing it’s healing warmth along with it’s revelations.

Through the offerings and information on this site I aim to give the tools and keys to liberation, sovereignty and authenticity.

May this guide you towards your greatest expression of your unique being.