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Akira Allen | RIVRE of SOMA

Seeker| Healer | Designer

Akira Allen is a seeker, shaman, designer, renaissance person, alchemist & infinite being. This website was birthed after Akira felt the urge to compile all of his past, present & future knowledge as well as what he can offer of value to the world onto a platform that transcends time and location. Here you will find information on that covers the expanse of mind, body, soul from the mundane to the mystic that will plant the seeds that can be nurtured to expand consciousness alongside the healing & creative services he can offer.

RIVRE of SOMA is an aspect of Akira that arose as he began to explore more deeply who and what he is. RIVRE stands for Real Insights eVolve REality as well as the river of life we find ourselves in.

SOMA is a title of sorts that draws from the term somatic stemming from Greek meaning ‘of the body’ as well as the ancient Vedic soma, the psychedelic brew taken to commune with the gods, the word itself meaning ‘to take liquid’ in Sanskrit.

So all together this comes to mean ‘one who has taken in the liquid of life’ This liquid of life can be thought of as the Elixir of Life so to speak. Taking in this elixir is similar to a psychedelic experience revealing what is behind the veil of our everyday reality expanding our consciousness in the process thus evolving ones reality.

Through the offerings and information on this site he aims to give the tools and keys to liberation, sovereignty and authenticity.

May this guide you towards your greatest expression of your unique being.