Akira Allen


My name is Akira. I am a multihyphenate creative. The things I focus on are the cross sections between technology, art and magic. Welcome! This is a page I made to act as a hub for all the things I do. Feel free to click around and explore. I do things ranging from creating websites, throwing events, blogging on magic, and more to come!


I think of the act of creation like a tree bearing fruit. If an apple tree is not producing apples there is somethings wrong with it. So I have created this space a non local hub for all the fruits I bear. Bodily, Mental and Spiritual fruits for you to enjoy can be found here. As well as skills of value I offer as services.

Things of interest


Generative art
and more!

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Here is where I share my thoughts on Magic, Mysticism and Mystery. I have been slowly compiling information for my own system so check back every so often for new posts.

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I practice yoga, taichi, and movement flow here is where I will post videos and other resources for you to enjoy.

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I do generative art as well as create custom scripts and programs like a geomancy divination program, a musical cipher and more. Those will be collected here.

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Here is where I will showcase my web design and graphic design work

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I put together events gathering creatives in the area in order to create unique experiences. These are what I call BLANCanvas events. Find out more here.

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I can use divination systems ranging from tarot, runes, ogham, geomancy as well as intuitive readings. More information can be found here

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