Increasing Awareness – Heal the wounds of the mind – Refine the use of the mind

Lifestyle design

What would you do if you had all the time, money and skills you needed to do whatever you so desired? This is the base question being asked in lifestyle design. Answering this question and then reverse engineering the vision drawn forth by the answer to create the cornerstone habits and mindsets necessary to bring your vision to fruition. Pairs with manifestation protocols & metaprogramming.


There are certain stories that we tell ourselves. these stories repeat over and over again in our heads embedding themselves into our subconscious becoming programs that execute automatically creating a mental maze where there once was a labyrinth.These programs run your entire life. If you do not change these programs any active changes you attempt to make in your life are doomed to fail. Metaprogramming gives a bird’s eye view of the maze created by the programs that are currently running in your life and allows for the rewriting and installation of new programs in order to make real active lasting change replacing the maze with a labyrinth. Pairs with lifestyle design.

Divination readings

Utilizing various divination methods such as tarot, I ching, runes, scrying etc. to gain insight into questions around self-development, energetic influences around a situation, decisions to be made etc. Utilizing the quantum nature of reality to look at the most probable outcome bases upon the current frame of reality

Psycho-spiritual integration

Integration of the spiritual aspects of life with the psychological aspects of being. This is facilitated by digging into the core of the way you think, who you are as a person, what formative experiences you have had and what kind of life you would like to lead. Identifying what events in your life formulated your current worldview and finding a way to honor the lessons within these events to best suits your current life path. Pairs well with psycho-spiritual counseling.

Psycho-spiritual counseling

Holding space in order for you to open up to the things within you, events in your life that may not make sense. Overall a place to not feel judged for who you are, your life experiences, thoughts and current path in life allowing for the unfoldment of authenticity decompressing what society has told you to put in a box of pressure, while also learning to integrate the parts of ourselves we tend to neglect in healthy ways being seen for the individual being that you are. Pairs well with psycho-spiritual integration.


Increase Nourishment– Heal the wounds of the body– Strengthen the body


Yoga and Taichi are perfect practices to increase both interoception and proprioception. Interoception is the ability to accurately interpret the body’s signals. The body has it’s own intelligence and is constantly communicating with us. Most of us either don’t know how to listen or simply ignore our body’s signals. Proprioception is the ability to know your body within space. Knowing where you are and being in tune with your environment is an important part of coexisting peacefully. These practices open up your ability to be present in the moment and sense the energy flowing through your body. This awareness increases the link between body and mind allowing the body’s intelligence to show itself in full

Psychosomatic release

Often times we block and repress the expression of these emotions and the energy becomes trapped within our muscles creating emotional muscle armor. By identifying the body’s reactions to emotions we can learn to relax into them and release these by allowing them to flow through them eliminating the current energy blockages while preventing future blockages. Pairs with Yoga/Taichi.

Energy clearing

Energy is something that can no longer be denied there is energy all around us and within us. you can experience this energy in a very tactile way and it impacts your life in a profound way. Energy blockages can create disease as well as chronic pain and overall discomforts and dysfunctions in life. Through learning to work with energy we can utilize it in order clear these blockages increasing our health and well-being overall. Meditation, breathwork and visualization can be key tools to help you to move and interact with this energy directing it in a healthy way. Pairs with Yoga/Taichi.

Body Temple protocols

The body is ultimately the vessel for the soul making it the temple of the spirit so we must treat it as so. Body Temple protocols are rituals, disciplines and practices customized to best honor who you are as an individual while maintaining optimal health nourishing the body and preventing the diseases of modern convenience. Pairs with Yoga/Taichi.


Empower the soul – Clarify the inner voice – Connect with the soul

Connecting the DOTS

DOTS stands for differentiation of the signs. Synchronicity is an undeniable part of life. It is the number one way that the universe communicates to you. It can be hard to interpret or understand the universe’s message at times. The universe speaks only through symbol and gesture. Interpreting the symbols and gestures is very important in order to understand why things are happening the way they are around you and allows you to flow with the present moment. Utilizing my ability to interact with the morphic field I can interpret these synchronicities in a way that allows you to see how these dots connect. Seeing the bigger picture the universe wants to show you in order to understand the wider scope of events and knowledge to better integrate them in your everyday life. Pairs with divination readings.

Psychic intuitive channeling

Utilizing the morphic field I have the ability to interface and communicate and interpret the conscious information that surrounds all of us. this allows me to communicate with spirits and energies in a way that allows me to relay messages in a context that allows integration into our day-to-day life

Archetypal forces identification

Archetypes are structured ways that energy expresses itself. We have overarching archetypes that impact our lives. Identifying them and understanding the ways in which they express themselves in our lives is very important in order to learn to flow with them and healthy ways. I can help you identify these overarching archetypes in your life and integrate them in a way that best serves your individual goals in life. Pairs well with soul totality identification.

Soul totality identification

It is rare for us to fully express every individual part of ourselves. We often limit ourselves to a certain box depending on the environment that we are within. Oftentimes parts of ourselves become neglected or forgotten and can act themselves out in unhealthy ways unconsciously. Using systems such as astrology, numerology as well as overarching archetypes we can identify the totality of who we are as an individual being. Bringing these unconscious and forgotten parts of ourselves to our conscious awareness. Allowing one to learn to express the parts of ourselves that have been neglected and/or forgotten and integrate their healthy expressions into our day-to-day lives. Pairs well with lifestyle design.

Labyrinth transmutation

The difference between a maze and a labyrinth is the labyrinth has one singular path that leads to the center all you have to do is follow it. A maze has dead ends so there is one very long convoluted path to the center. When we are born our mind is like a labyrinth there is no effort needed to reach the center of who we are. Society as well as our family and friends program us in such a way that our labyrinth transforms into a maze. We forget who we are, we become lost in life and begin to move in ways we ‘think’ we should instead of the ways we know we should. Mapping this maze and clearing these ‘dead ends’ helps to transmute the maze into the original labyrinth

Manifestation protocols

Imagine that you had a meter that once was filled then whatever intention was set at the beginning manifests. There are certain actions that you can take that can add to this meter and there are others that can subtract from this meter. Manifestation protocols are simply rituals, practices and disciplines that lead to the manifestation of your desired results. Pairs well with lifestyle design.