Map Of The Dreamer: Intro

Map of the dreamer MOD for short is a new non-linear cosmological map/model that puts you at the center of your own universe. You can think of this system as an open source and modular starter kit. If you don’t have a word for something you cannot experience that thing. This will provide symbols, concepts and tools that can be used to change and rearrange the reality that you currently experience. Giving you the seeds needed to cultivate within yourself in order to grow your own reality. Inner being outer seeing as I like to say. Becoming a center in a world that puts you as the periphery.

This system is a weird technology. The word weird stems from the old English for ‘having power to control fate/chance/destiny/fortune‘. The root ‘wer‘ means ‘to turn‘ in the sense of becoming. Technology comes from the greek ‘tekhnologia’ meaning ‘systematic treatment of an art, craft or technique’. So this is a system that allows you to craft your own fate allowing what you create within to become the outer reality you experience. Placing you at the helm of your own nested universe inside of the consensus reality that we all experience.

Reality is not limited to the perception that you have been handed since you have been born. Quantum physics states that anything observed is not unaffected by the observer. Every observation is a measurement. This measurement creates the observed result. So in other words you are actively creating your reality and have been your entire life simply by observing what exists around you.

This system will incorporate many mystical and cosmological models such as the chakras, the astrological planets, the different elements, hermetics as well as different thought-forms and energies and much more that you can interface with. It meets you at your level of understanding and allows you to evolve and the system evolves with you. As I flesh out the details you will begin to understand why these things are important and how they are useful in changing and rearranging the reality that you experience currently.  Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is unique to you.

This system is only for those who are willing to take full responsibility for control over their lives. Not for the weak-hearted or weak minded. So are you ready to actively change your life? In ways that suit you? Or continue to be spoon-fed reality by the current narrative? If this sounds interesting to you stay tuned and learn how to take charge of the reality you experience.